Will Oracle support NetBeans?


By now you know that Oracle intends to purchase Sun. It’s a welcome deal that will no doubt be approved by stockholders. It certainly has the board’s approval. So let’s assume that Oracle will own Sun by the end of summer. Now we can start asking some questions.

Will Oracle embrace NetBeans? Like many open source projects, NetBeans gets a lot of support from corporate interest. In this case, it’s no secret that Sun pours cash into NetBeans. However, Oracle already supports an IDE. Let’s make that two IDEs: JDeveloper and Eclipse. Both receive financial backing from Oracle already, and…well, my first thought is that Oracle simply won’t need a third IDE.

As Oracle continues to evaluate its new assets, how will it value NetBeans? Although I personally enjoy and use NetBeans, I don’t think Oracle will care much for it. Not that NetBeans isn’t an excellent product, but like I said, Oracle already has IDEs. In my opinion, NetBeans and its users will have to find new support elsewhere. I doubt Oracle will continue funding its development.

Hey, this is just speculation. I’d enjoy hearing your ideas, particularly if you think that Oracle will champion NetBeans in the future.

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