Starting with Amazon Web Services


I recently began working with Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS truly is an amazing set of services that allow you to create scalable, durable applications in the cloud. AWS provides a powerful set of capabilities to create, deploy, and manage cloud resources with a convenient command line interface (CLI) and a browser console. Over the next few weeks, I will explore some of these AWS capabilities and bring you along for the ride. I’ll tackle a few tasks in quick succession:
1. Create a virtual private cloud (VPC) for a demo app.
2. Create a security group to limit access to compute instances.
3. Spin up an elastic compute cloud (EC2) instance.
4. Deploy a sample application. It should be both fun and educational…mostly for me, but I hope you’ll get something out of it too.

1 thought on “Starting with Amazon Web Services

  1. Amazon Web Services is a really great and reliable platform and all the services they have provided have been quite innovative , we are seeing many students and developers looking to learn AWS and becoming certified AWS developers. Thank you for sharing your experience with using AWS , this series of posts will be very helpful.

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