Rediscovering NetBeans


After the longest of waits, I’m finally rediscovering NetBeans. My team uses it to create their translation tools and accompanying web services. Really, I couldn’t be more delighted.

We’re using Maven, and my first response is wow! NB really nows how to integrate with a Maven project. The setup couldn’t be more simple. Open Project….bam. Everything is there, no fussing with classpaths, nothing. Thousands and thousands of lines of code with a dozen subprojects and dependencies just build without a single glitch. Beautiful.

Of course, this says something great about my team. They obviously know how to set up a maven project with all of the dependencies, etc. But to simply unleash an IDE for the first time on nothing but the downloaded SVN code and have it work immediately….I’m just impressed. That’s it. Just impressed and felt like saying “Thanks NetBeans!”


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