NetBeans 7 has no UML tools?

NetBeans Tools

After mentioning earlier that I am using Omnigraffle to create UML diagrams, I remembered that NetBeans once had a decent UML tool. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find anything for the most recent NB 7 or 7.0.1 version. Oddly, the NetBeans page itself refers us to JDeveloper for UML support. Why point me to JDeveloper? I really want to use NetBeans.

The same page above also recommends a 3rd party plugin from Visual Paradigm, but Visual Paradigm seems limited to NB 6.2 if I’m reading its page correctly.

My suggestion for the above “UML support” page is this…just remove it. Having the page refer to out-of-date plugins or different IDEs altogether is no help. NetBeans crew, you know I love the product, but I also have to say it how it is. If there’s no current UML plugin, just say that and maybe give us an indication whether one is in the pipeline. Don’t tease me with a support page that points to other IDEs and outdated, presumably non-working 3rd party plugins for older versions.

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