Making Millions from Android App Store?


Finally, after a couple years wait, my cell phone plan contract ended, and I was able to affordably switch both carriers and phones. I promptly acquired the following new hardware after switching my cell service provider from ATT to Verizon (no particular reason other than ATT happened to be more intolerable at the time):

  • Droid Bionic cell phone
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Now that I have the hardware, I just have to download the Android SDK, write a new application, and become a millionaire by next weekend. Can’t wait!

Oh, but wait, that link about becoming a millionaire is for the iOS app store. Crud. Sigh….

It’s interesting to do a Google search for app store millionaire. It seems that many people have made both small and large fortunes from the Apple App Store. I’ve heard that luck is a big factor in hitting it BIG too. And of course, some of the big hits are just really stupid too.

It’s also interesting to note what my Google search didn’t immediately find. So far I haven’t found examples of Android market millionaires. Hmm… why is that?

Now that I have this hardware, my next step is to download the Android SDK and pump out a cool, viral app that makes me millions of dollars too. But have I picked the wrong platform? It’s obvious that the Android market doesn’t yet have the same number of customers as the Apple App Store. Will that change? What will it take?


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