Learning Android


I’ve neglected this space for a long time. The truth is that life gets in the way. However, I’ve picked up a new hobby — Android software development.

I’m in the initial stages now — setting up an environment, installing tools, and learning the platform. I hope to use my blog to communicate the information I learn about Android.

What about internationalization? Hmmm…I’m still interested in that. I suppose I will always be interested in internationalization. However, this isn’t currently my primary activity at this time; I’m not currently employed using this skill set. In fact, I’m doing something very different in my full-time work. Unfortunately as a result, I don’t write much about internationalization. 

As I learn Android, I will also share my knowledge of the i18n api and features. That seems reasonable since i18n is still one of my core interests. But you may find that the main topics won’t be pure i18n in the near future.

I have a great new Android device, the Nexus 7 (2013 version). I’m eager to get started with it.

To help in that effort, I’m going through an online coursera course called Programming Mobile Applications for Android handheld Systems. You might want to take a look at it too if your starting from scratch.

See you around and I hope you enjoy upcoming blogs.


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