JavaFX Community, let’s do this!


Not really finding theJavaFX community anywhere else, I’ve created one. Sure, the site itself is ugly as hell now, but that will change…if the community wills it. My intention is that YOU will take this over, you the community, you the JavaFX user.

Here’s what you have from me:

  1. a decent domain name that communicates the purpose pretty well; that’s
  2. a community content management system that can support users, forums, blogs, aggregated site feeds, uploads, etc. It’s Drupal. I evaluated others. This works.
  3. a willing host to provide this to the community. That’s me.

I’ll help; I’ll lead; I’ll guide — as much as you want anyway. If you have experience doing this elsewhere, let me know. I’ll let you run a part of the site, moderate a forum, whatever you like. Let me know your interest level, and we’ll figure this out!

The primary purpose I have for the site is a single place for group discussion, articles, blogs, forums — all about JavaFX of course.

Email me at Let’s do this as a community.

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