Internationalization & Unicode Conference 36 Call for Papers


The IUC 36 call for papers went out last week —

This conference event brings together the best minds, ideas, and practices in the worlds of internationalization and localization,  There’s content sessions to please everyone including technical engineers, project managers, and product managers.

The Program Committee is requesting proposals for presentations. Check out the website for details, but some of the general areas are the following:

  • Application Areas
    • Social Nets
    • SEO
    • Websites and web services
    • Libraries and educatoin
    • IDN
    • Mobile and Tablets
    • Security
    • Machine Translation
  • General Techniques
    • i18n libraries
    • bidirectionality and scripts
    • html5
    • Data formats: json, xml,
    • project mgmt
    • font dev
  • Culture and Tech
    • Endangered languages
    • Unencoded languages
    • Case studies
    • ISO language tag issues
  • Regional Considerations
    • Africa, Asia, Middle East
    • Locales and CLDR
    • Emoji Support … sigh…

If you think you might want to present something new and exciting that you have been working on, consider presenting at the conference. Read the above link to find out more.

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