IUC 34 Submission


The submission deadline for technical sessions and tutorials for the upcoming Unicode Conference has been extended. You now have until Friday to procrastinate.

I’ve submitted my proposal, a technical session. Here’s the somewhat offbeat proposed session:

Character Conversions from Browser to Database…and Back Again

As characters travel through a typical web-based application, they must cross several boundaries and borders. These include the following:

  • browser processing and JavaScript
  • browser request creation
  • middle-tier request processing
  • database storage

Along the way, many forces conspire to transform and manipulate your noble, beautiful characters into unrecognizable, mutant forms. What causes those conversions and transformations? How do you combat destructive conversions?

This session takes you on a journey with some great characters on their travels from browser to database…and back again. Some make it back whole, and others simply never survive…

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