IUC 34 submission was declined

Java Unicode

Well, the IUC committee made its decision. Although I was initially a little disappointed, the committee declined my session proposal. That’s probably the best; the article was a rehash of an older subject that I already presented long ago. I refreshed the original article and thought I could recycle it. Ha…the IUC wasn’t fooled. The said “NO!”

That’ll teach me. Next time I’ll provide all original content, and I already know what I’ll propose. Timezone selection for web apps. OK, that’s easy you say. Easy peasy. Well, it’s really not. It turns out that it’s pretty easy to pick a locale and time format for a user on the network. But what time zone should you select when displaying time?

That question isn’t always easy to answer. Lots of factors come into play including the locale of the user, the location of the event, the primary location of the site. Which to choose?

I’ll get this written up if you think it’s an interesting subject. Let me know.

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