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This job sounds fantastic to me. If you enjoy the i18n business and are ready for what sounds like a great opportunity, check out Symantec in Mountain View, CA. I’m not affiliated with Symantec in any way, nor do I know anyone that works there. It just looks like a great opportunity for someone. If I weren’t comitted to the Ventura/LA area, I’d be there in a heartbeat!

Here are some of the details and a link directly to the their job search site. Type “internationalization” into their search engine.

Internationalization Technical Manager
Job id: 587240

Shared Engineering Services – US Internationalization
The International Engineering & Tools Services (IETS) group is responsible for making Symantec products ready for the worldwide market such as EMEA and Asia Pacific & Japan regions. The group provides specialized services to product engineering groups, from software design to verification, and also leads engineering directions and standards on product development for international deployments


  • Manage a team of highly technical Internationalization developers and engineers responsible for providing specialized development services to all Symantec product development groups and establish strong work relationship with all product development groups.
  • Take a leadership to standardize company wide software design for use of International environments.
  • Work with the product development groups to set their engineering plan aligned with Internationalization standard and best practices for the international customers.
  • Take a responsibility of having Symantec software products achieve Symantec standard quality before the releases for the international customers.
  • Ensure that the world wide Internationalization development group members are following a defined development process throughout the product lifecycle to achieve goals for the international customers.
  • Cooperate with the regional managers to prioritize and make work assignments and tasks based on members’ skills and availabilities.
  • Set clear objectives for direct reports and keep track of deliverables and qualities. * Manages day-to-day technical decisions with the team members on the internationalization development activities.
  • Be responsible for the technical development and improvement of the internationalization development functions.
  • Interface with senior management and senior engineers in the group to report on operational goals and technical directions.
  • Direct an Internationalization development area by acting as a project team lead.
  • Mentor less experienced team members in advanced technologies, and develop and perform technical skill development plans.

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