Installing JavaFX 1.0 on NetBeans 6.5


You might want to go directly over the the JavaFX website to download the JavaFX SDK, but if you work in NetBeans 6.5 you don’t have to bother. JavaFX 1.0 is available to NetBeans 6.5 users with only a few mouse clicks. Seriously, only a few mouse clicks will get the JavaFX SDK plugin for you and integrate it directly into your NetBeans 6.5 IDE. Here’s how:

  1. Select Tools->Plugins from your NetBeans 6.5 menu.
  2. Select the Available Plugins tab.
  3. Click on the Reload Catalog button just to make sure you have a fresh copy of all available plugins
  4. Scroll down the plugin list to find the JavaFX 1.0 plugin, and click on its check box. You can also select a JavaFX debugger and several demos in the same area of the plugin list!
  5. Click the Install button
  6. Continue working until the download is finished and restart NetBeans IDE

That’s it. Now NetBeans 6.5 has the JavaFX 1.0 SDK integrated directly. You should notice a new JavaFX Project type available to you when you select File->New Project

Sorry for the short post, but I have to get back to my NetBeans IDE and JavaFX. I’ll be back later with more information about my initial overview of the SDK, the language, and much more!

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