Getting started as an Android developer


Android is the most accessible and least expensive mobile platform for developers to get started with. Although you may eventually want to publish your apps on the Google Play Store, which requires a minimal fee, getting and using the developer tools is free.

Here’s how to get started:
1. Download the Android Studio.
2. Turn on the developer options on your device.
3. Head over to the Getting Started site to begin.

Downloading the Android Studio IDE

Google has partnered with JetBrains to create an integrated development environment (IDE) that’s customized for Android development. Of course you can continue to use whatever environment you like as long as you have the SDK, but this IDE makes getting started simple.

Download the Android Studio.

Enable Developer Options

Although the Android Studio has great emulators, you should also test your apps on actual devices. Enable those devices for debugging and developer support by tapping 7 times on your device’s “Build number” label. Yes, you heard right. Use these instructions to find this on your device.

The Getting Started Guide

The best information for getting started is the Android site itself. It has great tips for new users and veterans. I recommend starting on the developer’s training site.

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