First Experience With Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi

Today my wife presented me with a Raspberry Pi Cana Kit. Out of the box, I have:

  • the Pi itself
  • a power adapter
  • an HDMI cable
  • a micro-sd card
  • a Wifi adapter

It doesn’t have a keyboard or display of course. I figured the SD card had the OS on it, so I inserted the SD card into the Pi. Then I stuck a network cable into it, connected it to my router, and tried to find it on my network from my laptop. My idea was that I’d connect via ssh. No bueno.

Hmmm…what’s going on? Isn’t this thing booting automatically and connecting to the network?

Swallowing my pride, I picked up the small set of docs. It appears that no OS is running yet. Instead, I think it is running a boot loader called NOOBS, so I can’t SSH into it…yet. I think it’s just sitting there waiting for me to answer a couple questions before it loads an OS.

Sigh…maybe I’ll have to actually connect a monitor and a keyboard directly to it for the first boot and config step? Or maybe I’ll have to to read page 2 of the docs? Heaven forbid.

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