Although I provide blogs on many of these same topics, this page will provide links to more complete articles on various language, platforms, and tools.


  • Customize Your JList Display The Java platform’s Swing components are a complete package of graphical user interface (GUI) widgets. By using Swing components, you can create rich, easy-to-use GUIs in your applications. Using these components can greatly improve your application’s user-friendliness. This article focuses on one component, the javax.swing.JList object, and shows you how to customize what it displays to the user.
  • Create Great-Looking GUIs With NetBeans Not only does NetBeans IDE GUI Builder simplify GUI creation by providing immediate visual updates to your GUI design, it also helps you create a better-looking GUI by solving some of the most important, difficult problems that UI designers face.
  • Creating Extensible Applications with the Java Platform This article describes two ways to create applications with extensible services, which allow you or others to provide service implementations that require no modifications to the original application. By designing an extensible application, you provide an easy way to upgrade or enhance specific parts of a product without changing the core application.
  • Character Conversions from Browser to Database
    In route to their final storage destination on the World Wide Web, characters move through various layers of programming interfaces and can cross software and hardware boundaries. This article provides helpful hints and best practices for accurately transporting character data from browser to database … and back again.
  • International Enhancements in Java SE 6
  • Internationalization: Understanding Locale in the Java Platform
    Language and geographic environment are two important influences on our culture. They create the system in which we interpret other people and events in our life. They also affect, even define, proper form for presenting ourselves and our thoughts to others. To communicate effectively with another person, we must consider and use that person’s culture, language, and environment.