Amazon Customer Support Always Makes Me Smile


Dear Mr. Bezos,

I own an Amazon Kindle 3G+Wifi device, my 3rd. My first Kindle worked great, and I used it all the time. During one of my business trips, I lost it in an airport. After realizing that Southwest’s lost-and-found wasn’t going to help, I bought another one.

After some heavy use and maybe a little abuse (dropped once or twice), the 2nd Kindle began to malfunction, making it impossible to read. I made a call late one Saturday night around 11pm to Kindle’s support number. I described the problem, and the service rep insisted that this was just a bad device. She was quick and efficient, and I didn’t have to beg or make excuses. She sent a 3rd Kindle to my home within days. The service rep was amazing; the experience caused me to become a loyal Amazon fan. So delighted with my call, I actually laughed afterwards. I told my wife, family and several friends about the customer support experience.

So, now I have a 3rd Kindle. After a very, very cold night during a recent Mammoth Lakes camping trip, this 3rd Kindle developed a quirk. It’s not something I can reproduce at will, but the problem occurs sporadically and requires me to reset the device. The problem is aggravating, so guess what I did…I called Amazon’s Kindle support. This time I made the call at 10:30pm on a Friday night (tonight). An Amazon rep answered the phone, asked me a couple questions about the device’s behavior, and apologized to me several times. After 5 or 6 minutes on the phone, she promised to send me a replacement Kindle by Tuesday.

My experience with Amazon’s customer support has been amazing. I really enjoy my Kindle device. I recognize that it isn’t perfect…it can break and can malfunction. However, Amazon’s customer support is so easy to work with! I’m so impressed by how this person actually wanted to help me, actually did help me, and made me smile in the process. As I recall, I felt the same way after my first call to the support center.

I look forward to getting my replacement unit next week. Oh, and I’ll be ordering a new Kindle for my son’s birthday too. He uses mine too much so I decided to get him one.

Amazon, thanks for putting the customer first. You guys always make me smile.


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