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NetBeans 7 has no UML tools?

After mentioning earlier that I am using Omnigraffle to create UML diagrams, I remembered that NetBeans once had a decent UML tool. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find anything for the most recent NB 7 or 7.0.1 version. Oddly, the NetBeans page itself refers us to JDeveloper for UML support. Why point me to… Read More »

NetBeans vs Eclipse for Maven Projects

I thought yesterday that I had pumped up NetBeans unfairly without regard to other tools. To be fair, I decided today that I’d try to open up the very same project in Eclipse, just to see if it matched NetBeans’ ability to immediately understand the project. First thing I noticed was that Eclipse did not… Read More »

Rediscovering NetBeans

After the longest of waits, I’m finally rediscovering NetBeans. My team uses it to create their translation tools and accompanying web services. Really, I couldn’t be more delighted. We’re using Maven, and my first response is wow! NB really nows how to integrate with a Maven project. The setup couldn’t be more simple. Open Project….bam.… Read More »

NetBeans finally imports my Eclipse projects

After once declaring that NetBeans still coughs on spaces, I’m ready to declare that NetBeans has resolved this issue. At my current day job, I’ve been using Eclipse almost exclusively. Not of my choice really. Sometimes while in Rome, you have to do as the Romans. These particular Romans like Eclipse, so I too must… Read More »

NetBeans 6 dominates JavaFX development

It’s just a personal poll, but it says a lot about the popularity of NetBeans as a JavaFX development platform. A full 87% of JavaFX developers prefer NetBeans over rival IDEs. See NetBeans 6 dominates JavaFX development for more information about the other IDEs in my recent poll.

What IDE do you use for JavaFX development?

A new poll on the Learning JavaFX site asks the question: What IDE do you use for JavaFX development? I know what I use…NetBeans 6.7.1. How about you? Answer the question for yourself and show your support for NetBeans!

My valiant attempt to install JavaFX 1.2 into NetBeans 6.7

If you follow NetBeans development, you know that NetBeans 6.7 has been released this week. By far the friendliest IDE for JavaFX development has been NetBeans. However, in a very surprising twist, the latest NetBeans 6.7 release does not include the JavaFX SDK 1.2. Instead, the download’s information page clearly indicates that you’ll need NetBeans… Read More »

Will Oracle support NetBeans?

By now you know that Oracle intends to purchase Sun. It’s a welcome deal that will no doubt be approved by stockholders. It certainly has the board’s approval. So let’s assume that Oracle will own Sun by the end of summer. Now we can start asking some questions. Will Oracle embrace NetBeans? Like many open… Read More »

NetBeans 6.5 still coughs on spaces

I’ve been trying to slowly introduce NetBeans to my colleagues for over a year. I think they’d actually use it in our current products and projects, but NetBeans won’t make it easy for us. How’s that you ask? It turns out that we have several projects named with spaces. For example, one project is Tag… Read More »