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Quick note about JavaFX Sequences

If you’re learning about JavaFX, you probably already know about some of the basic data types: String, Number, and others. But what do you know about sequences? A JavaFX sequence looks and behaves much like a Java array. A sequence is an ordered list of objects. Unlike JavaScript, JavaFX Script requires that each item in… Read More »

Speculations on Google Chrome OS

Today’s announcement of Google’s Chrome OS is exciting in a few ways. I think it has implications for Java developers. With hindsight, I now think that Larry Ellison was hinting about Google’s Chrome OS when he expressed some of his desires for JavaFX on small netbook-like devices. So, without any real knowledge and armed with… Read More »

JavaFX Community, let’s do this!

Not really finding theJavaFX community anywhere else, I’ve created one. Sure, the site itself is ugly as hell now, but that will change…if the community wills it. My intention is that YOU will take this over, you the community, you the JavaFX user. Here’s what you have from me: a decent domain name that communicates… Read More »