Monthly Archives: June 2010

Timezone selection for web apps

Web applications have an unusual problem regarding timezones and formatted, user-viewable dates for a few reasons: several timezones are usually involved, and the determination of which should be used isn’t particularly clear date formatting code for even a modest list of locales isn’t available in browsers by default Timezones Everywhere Desktop applications have it pretty… Read More »

Additional Characters in the Joyo Kanji List

Japanese language students must learn 196 additional Kanji to consider themselves literate. These additional characters will be added to the already daunting 1945 characters that are part of the “Joyo Kanji” list, which brings the total count to 2136. Joyo kanji are the basic, fundamental characters of the language…the minimal set that an adult or… Read More »

These characters aren’t exotic!

Recently I had the opportunity to sign up for health benefits with a 3rd party site that manages these things for my employer. Sites that collect data often limit the set of characters that you must use for each field. That’s reasonable for numeric fields, date fields, etc. After all, you don’t want invalid data… Read More »

Mac OS X and server-ish software

I’ve owned a Macbook Pro before…it wasn’t a great experience, but it was acceptable. It was during a period of my career when my primary job was to communicate with other developers and to evangelize Java. The Macbook worked in that environment. Now my needs are different, but I find myself using another Macbook Pro.… Read More »